A powerful dashboard that tracks everything.

Decisions should be powered by data, and there’s no better way to collect good data than our powerful dashboard.

Create and manage custom referral links.
A/B test your campaigns for more accurate results.
Track all your campaigns.

For Startups

Not all companies are big, startups should have just as much opportunities as established enterprises.

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Access to our Founders Hub.

For Enterprises

Just because your company is huge, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from a referral system.

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Access to our Enterprise Hub.
Suited for startups who are just starting out.
Unlimited customers
Dashboard & reports
Live chat support
Fraud Management
Suited for those experimenting with referral programs.
Migration services
Onboarding manager
Automation features
Mass actions
Suited for enterprises with established referral systems.
All previous plans plus:
Remove ‘Powered by’ logo
Expert 1-on-1s
Unlimited referral links